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TypeLib JS (part 2) - grouped types

As I promised in the past article (Click here if you want to read it), I’ll explain how you can use TypeLib JS to verify groups of data. But before, if you haven’t seen it… Project page: typelib.schemetastic.com As we learned in the past article, TypeLib makes data verification easy, for example, you can verify values such as NaN, Infinity and -Infinity. e.g. type(0/0).is; // "nan" type(1000/0).is; // "infinity" type(-1000/0).

Introducing TypeLib JS - simplified type detection and debugging

If you want to see it in action, check out the project landing page at: typelib.schemetastic.com Why I created this project? 🔗Verifying data types in JS is hard! And it can easily break code!!! 🫳🎤 … 🤏🎤 Okay, let explain in more detail. JavaScript can handle dozens of types of data (most of them are some sort of object), but each type behaves differently, for example, a "string" doesn’t behave in the same way as a new String("does").

3 Benefits of doing technical writing + 7 Tips to get you started

A brief intro 🔗When we think about technical writing such as documenting code, or writing articles, we can see some very obvious benefits, like: The code is easier to understand to others but also to you. You help others to learn. It can improve your CV. And you could even commercially profit from it. And yes, I knew this stuff before I started. However, some time ago I decided that I was going to write articles specially about JavaScript, a language I like, so like 8 weeks ago I started writing articles in the DEV Community and I did it without knowing all the benefits I would get from it.

Squeeze out the potential of template literals in JS

In the previous part of this series I talked about how you can shorten your conditionals with truthy and falsy values. So if you haven’t read that one I would recommend that you do cause this is a continuation, Link here! In the past article I mentioned about string interpolation and how does the ternary operator becomes handy in these cases, however I knew that there was a lot more to say about it.