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What’s This Website? 🔗

Schemetastic is a place specially designed for front-end developers. This website is yet very new and new content will be added soon. If you have interest in JavaScript, front-end tools, writing, and more.

Who Is the Author? 🔗

Hello! My name is Rodrigo Calix, I am a front-end designer and a person who loves creating stuff or improving existing ones, that’s how I got into programming when I was a kid, I have been learning web design from over a decade. For sure, I’ve had step backs in my career as a designer, but I decided it was time to come back to this journey again.

A photo of the website author

A photo of me for reference

Schemetastic? 🔗

Even though Schemetastic probably sounds a little strange, it actually comes from the English words, scheme and fantastic. Why this name? 2 reasons:

  1. The word scheme is very related to systems and planning, words that are also very related to programming and computing, as a person who loves to create lists and planning I thought it was…
  2. The name was available and I really liked it.

Wanna talk? 🔗

Well… I want to! Feel free to write me at rodrigo@schemetastic.com

If any of this got your attention, keep coming because I have many tricks under my sleeve, for sure I’ll be sharing a lot of those with you in this website.